The 15 Highest-Scoring NBA Players in History

The 15 Highest-Scoring NBA Players in History

(STL.News) Basketball is a sport that rewards all-around play, but perhaps the most effective, not to mention the most exciting, way to dominate the competition is through scoring.  The evolution of the sport has brought about a multitude of innovations in the scoring department, but there are few who have truly mastered the art of getting buckets.

NBA fans throughout history have been fortunate to witness these scoring machines, which provide the entertainment that the NBA is known for.  These players have not just garnered significant accolades throughout their careers but have also stuffed scoring sheets each night.  In fact, some players on this list are still in the NBA and are on pace to climb even higher in the scoring ranks.

These are the 15 highest scorers in the history of the NBA:

Carmelo Anthony

Melo was the third pick in the esteemed 2003 draft class.  Throughout his career and especially during his early days, he was touted as a formidable rival to LeBron and even came into the league with a much wider scoring arsenal than the King.

Carmelo Anthony had every move imaginable.  He could use his size to bully his opponents in the post or his skill for a deft turnaround jumper. 

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