Should Missouri Fully Legalize Gambling?

Should Missouri Fully Legalize Gambling?

(STL.News) The question of whether states across the US should legalize gambling has been a thorny subject for decades.  The debate has, however, intensified since 2018, when the US Supreme Court overturned the previous PASPA ruling, which had effectively outlawed sports betting across the country.

While the new legislation related specifically to sportsbooks, it also helped to bring casino play into sharp focus too.  Many states have since moved to open sports betting halls and new casino establishments while allowing online activities in both areas.  In Missouri, however, those in power have yet to fully embrace the new landscape.

The Current State of Play

In Missouri right now, it is possible to set up a brick-and-mortar casino, but this must be done on or near a body of water.  It’s a very specific ruling, but it’s certainly not been prohibitive as there are currently 13 casinos available across the state.

In addition to this ruling, there is an official state lottery while it is also possible to set up games such as poker and craps, providing that profits go to a charitable organization.

In terms of online betting and casino play, there are strict regulations in place within the state.

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