AG Urges Veterans and Service Members to Use Statewide Legal Helpline

Florida: Attorney General Moody Urges Veterans and Service Members to Use Statewide Legal Helpline

(STL.News) – Attorney General Ashley Moody is reminding Florida veterans and service members that the Florida Veterans Legal Helpline is available to help protect against fraud, identify theft and other legal issues.  Last November, the Attorney General’s Florida Military and Veteran Assistance Program and Bay Area Legal Services’ Florida Veterans Legal Helpline partnered to bolster ongoing efforts to protect Florida veterans and service members.  With the recent one-year anniversary of the partnership, the Attorney General is encouraging service members and veterans to continue using the helpline for essential services and benefits tailored to protect our military community.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Our Florida veterans and service members deserve the quality and accessible legal support at any moment.  This partnership provides coordination and improves efforts to best address scams, identity theft or other attempts that take advantage of our service members, veterans and their families.  We will continue to stand up and protect our service members who would do the same for us.”

In November 2019, Attorney General Moody signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Florida Veterans Legal Helpline.  The MOU outlines:

  • Coordinating bilateral training about the missions and responsibilities of MVAP and Helpline programs;
  • Building a network of mutual referral services and continually build upon the network to ensure veterans and service members are provided the best resources to address legal concerns and scams; and
  • Conducting outreach to inform and educate current and former military members about how to spot fraud and where to turn for assistance if targeted by scammers.

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